Strategy & Planning

Research, strategise and develop a realistic,
budgeted and executable plan.
We work as if we are your own marketing
department to create a powerful ‘unique selling proposition' to your target market.


Branding & Promotion

Create marketing collateral, websites and promote your business with a small budget and focus your promotional activities to deliver great return on investment.


Training & Consulting

We will train you and your team, develop their
management and marketing skills, so you can
continue on your own if you choose, working
at your own pace and we’ll come to you!


If you’re not exactly sure what marketing you should be doing, this is where we step in to help.  Free yourself from marketing projects, event management, marketing research, brand strategy and managing your website. Let’s face it these are not your strengths and your time is better spend on running your business not getting bogged down in strategy planning and execution.

 We can provide you with qualified advice, new ideas and smart strategies to give you the edge over your competitors.
 We strategise and develop a realistic, budgeted and executable plan.
 We ensure that your marketing dollar is being spent in the right areas and in the right way.
 We identify marketing opportunities, define your target market & provide guidance and direction to your marketing effort.
 Effectively promote your products/services,

We do this through looking at the 8 P’s of Marketing; Product, Price, Place, Physical Evidence, Processes, People, Promotion & Public Relations.

Marketing Appraisal

The first in any consultation is to conduct a marketing appraisal of your business. The brief appraisal includes but is not limited to; Where is your business now, what has been done in the past, what resources do you currently have and are using in the market, where are the opportunities and areas for improvement. A marketing appraisal is an overview of what we could do to improve your business in the immediate future.

Marketing Strategy Planning

Strategic marketing and planning workshops and brand identity workshop are conducted after a marketing appraisal to further investigate and start a more intensive, open and collaborative process. We help you discover an identity for your business and how best to communicate it to differentiated market segments.  Together, we co-create messages and strategies that will engage your customers and make them eager to do business with you. We will look at competitor profiling, industry/ market analysis, segmentation and positioning, customer service, brand, product/service evaluations, sales strategy processes and marketing strategy development.

Branding & Strategy Planning

Do you have a good proposition to market, unique selling point, promise delivery, good brand alignment and a call to action?  If the answer is no, we can review your brand positioning and communications strategy and help you to implement your strategic marketing plan in such a way that will enable you to attract and engage with your customers. Our evaluations are completely independent, meaning that we can see it from a consumers perspective and establish a brand promise, how to deliver it to market, a focus on brand consistency, compliance and multi-site marketing, review your point of sale materials and messages, establish a calendar of annual promotions, negotiate brand alignment agreements, advise you how to deal with different brand names concurrently.